National Manager for distributors and non-beer assortment

Vrcholový manažment

As brewers, we have built our business on the long-standing traditions of beer-making and drinking in Slovakia. Our brands bring refreshment and a great experience to thousands of consumers across the country.

We help support and advance these traditions, preserve the craftsmanship of our master brewers and the production of top-quality products using the finest natural ingredients. Our beer portfolio puts us, in terms of scope and diversity, in the leading position in Slovakia. At the Šariš brewery, situated in the picturesque town of Veľký Šariš in Eastern Slovakia, we continuously invest in modern technology and strive for excellence in beer manufacturing. The quality of our products is highly acclaimed and we have won dozens of prestigious awards. The 8th year of the Slovak Beer Crown, a professional tasting competition, saw a historic success for our beers, which won seven awards in total. Recent additions to our extensive collection of awards include three medals won by our Šariš brand at the prestigious international competition Monde Selection. Monde Selection’s Quality Institute awarded Šariš 10% the International High Quality Trophy 2014 for having won gold for three consecutive years.

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Role Overview

We are looking for a suitable candidate to join our team as National Manager for distributors and non-beer assortment and key accounts. Main focus of this role is monitoring and evaluation of the Trade channel Wholesale and non-beer assortment in order to achieve maximum sales profit, volume and distribution targets in combination with actively search for new market opportunities and negotiations on sales conditions with key customers.

Key responsibilities

Wholesale channel
• Effectively manage team of wholesale specialists in order to deliver volume and strategical targets of wholesale trade channel.
• Management of distributors through effective customer coverage based on exactly understanding their needs and clear sales targets.
• To develop and manage relationships with customers (distributors) in order to monitor their activities and if needed to propose changes of company strategy.
• To create strategy of wholesale channel in line with company targets for related brand/trade channel.
• Responsibility for implementation of the plans set during yearly planning process or agreed ad hoc activities.
• Monitor the progress and if necessary propose short term action plans.
• To search constantly for innovations and new opportunities, which will strengthen the impact of Plzeňský Prazdroj to whole market through wholesale sub-channel.
• To propose and lead the changes in sales standards for wholesale channel (delivery standards, FIFO).
• To take full responsibility for managing budget, volumes, prices, profit & people.
• To propose short and long term strategy during the planning process or if necessary to plan and propose the ad hoc activities to reach set targets.
• To ensure the highest possible level of customer’s satisfaction.
• To cooperate closely with field sales to secure proper execution.

Non-beer assortment
• To prepare and evaluate sales planes, to ensure optimal inventory status of non-beer assortment.
• To submit proposal how to increase sales of non-beer assortment and implement approved strategy.
• To submit proposal of sales conditions and control compliance with conditions in the market.
• To prepare handouts needed for execution of activities supporting sales of non-beer assortment and their evaluation.
• To control ways of sales and execution of support activities directly in the market.
• To initiate and execute product trainings for sales teams.

Key customers
• To prepare and evaluate sales plans and expansions to individual customers.
• To revise and propose changes of set plans.
• To negotiate and sign off sales conditions with Key customers.
• To communicate with support departments in order to meet customer’s requirements.
• To propose and implement short and long term strategy.
• To work together with sales department to deliver daily service to Key customers.
• To develop and maintain customer’s relationships in order to monitor their activities and if needed to propose changes in company strategy.
• To plan expansions of Concept pubs & manage team to reach the targets.
• To create and keep expected quality level within KA customers or / and whole SK ON trade.


• Excellent commercial understanding and ability to effectively manage budget (volumes, prices, profit).
• Sales experience gained in FMCG companies with a significant knowledge of wholesale trade activities and management in beverage company.
• Good field sales engineering skills = understanding and further developing of field sales execution fundamentals / route planning, customer coverage planning, efficient stock&order execution, delivery service etc.
• Inspiring leader who seeks new ways, wins and celebrates with the team.
• Strategic thinking and ability to make clear proposal.
• Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
• Very good command (written and spoken) of English.

We offer

• Responsible and independent role with high impact and visibility to the business.
• Space for personal development and career growth.
• Competitive salary and benefit program.
• Working for the market leader.


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